Taking Action for COVID-19

Read the COVID-19 demands and take action to ensure they are enacted quickly.

Services Not Sweeps is an LA-based coalition working to address the conditions and immediate needs of people living on our streets. With the crisis we are facing from COVID-19, we put together a list of ten demands for the City and County to ensure the health of unhoused Angelenos and everyone in LA.

Additional Ways to Take Action
  1. Send the demands to your local representatives. Include a message about why this matters to you or your organization. Find your reps here.
  2. Contact organizations you are a part of and ask them to sign on.
  3. Attend a public meeting (virtually) and make a public comment about one or more of these demands. Find the City Council Calendar here and the County Supervisor Calendar here
  4. Share these demands and why you care about them on social media

Our City and County representatives need to take faster action around the COVID-19 health crisis and our unhoused neighbors. I want to see these guidelines enacted now: https://servicesnotsweeps.com/coronavirus-demands/