Community Survey

The Services Not Sweeps Coalition designed a survey to understand unhoused peoples needs and priorities and we would love our outreach partners and organizations  to be involved in connecting people to this project!

This survey is an important opportunity to hear directly from unhoused people about their experiences with sweeps and access to resources. These surveys are a tool to develop city-wide action-campaigns as part of the Services Not Sweeps Coalition. The information collected will be used anonymously to help design policy demands for services from the perspective of unhoused people living in LA. The goal of the SNS coalition is to build our fight based on what unhoused peoples priorities are. 

Please let us know if you can share this with your local and how many surveys your local can do, with a goal of 10 – 30 surveys per local/geographic region. We are aiming for a window of doing these surveys over the next two weeks from now until June 15th.

This survey will take 20 mins to complete. These can be done during outreach or at power ups.